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DEPARTURE: 21/04/2022


1st day

Maundy Thursday: Piraeus - Chania

Departure to Piraeus, arrival in the morning at the Port of Chania.

Good Friday: Chania - Tombs of Venizelos - Rethymnon

Disembarkation from the ship  city tour among others will  see the house of El. Venizelou, the Palace of Prince George, while in Akrotiri we will visit the tombs of the Venizelos. The old port of Chania is the most precious stone on the invaluable jewel of Crete, which is called the old town of Chania. The waterfront of the port is the busiest part of the old town of Chania, full of cafes, restaurants, bars, patisseries and other shops, but also monuments that survive from the periods of Venetian rule (1252-1645), Turkish rule (1645-1898 ) and the mediated years of Egyptian rule (1831-1841). After filling the beautiful Chania we will continue for the beautiful Rethymnon settlement at the hotel. In the evening we will watch the Epitaph.  The greatest expression of the religiosity of Holy Week consists of the Epitaph of Lamentation, an anthology of hymns full of emotion and scenes that cause sadness when one watches with contemplation. With the psalms of Good Friday, successive images and events of all the creation of God, the people, the animals and the birds, the prophets and the Angels pass through the minds of the believers. Everything suffers for the burial of life. The Godman refers to the Praises as a judge and life-giver, the expression of composure and humanity. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation and overnight.

Holy Saturday: Rethymno - Arkadi - Rethymnon

Departure from our hotel after breakfast for the Arkadi Monastery. Top act of the liberation struggle of the Cretans, a symbol of heroism and sacrifice. It is the most important episode of the Cretan Revolution of 1866. The mismanagement and oppression of the Turkish administration forced the Pan-Cretan Assembly that met in Chania to send a report to the Sultan on May 14, 1866 with a series of requests. Specifically, he demanded: improvement of the tax system, respect for the Christian religion, recognition of the population to freely elect its elders and measures to be taken for the economic development of the island.  In September and October he carried out liquidation operations in the area of Chania and then turned to Rethymno and the Arkadi Monastery, where the headquarters of the local revolutionary committee was located, a storehouse of ammunition and food, as well as a refuge for many Christians. Mustafa Pasha arrived outside the monastery on the afternoon of November 6, 1866. He had at his disposal 15,000 men (Turks, Albanians, Egyptians and Turkish Cretans) and a powerful artillery. There were 966 people in the Monastery, of whom only 250 could fight. The fighters of Arkadi were led by the Peloponnesian lieutenant Ioannis Dimakopoulos and the abbot Gabriel.  The last act of the drama and another glorious page of Greek history was written in the gunpowder depot of the monastery. Kostis Giamboudakis or according to others Emmanuel Skoulas blew it up, spreading death, not only to Christians, but also to the invaders. Shortly afterwards, Turkish Cretans and Albanians rushed and slaughtered those who had been rescued, burning the temple and looting the relics. Then return to the hotel and free time. In the evening we will watch the Resurrection and eat at the hotel with a cook.

Easter Sunday

Easter program
Sunday noon live music with skewered lambs, kokoretsia etc.
Sunday night optional exit 25 € per person in a traditional shop with live music and mantinades

Easter Monday: Elounda - Spinalonga - Agios Nikolaos - Heraklion - Piraeus

First stop to visit the largest aquarium in our country and one of the largest in Europe. An aquatic world that is home to hundreds of species and thousands of Mediterranean organisms. It is rightly one of the pride of the Municipality of Hersonissos, the reason for the Cretaquarium-Thalassokosmos. This enchanting Thalassokosmos of Crete offers the public the experience to enjoy up close some of the wonderful species of our seas. It started operating in 2005 and since then thousands of visitors of all ages have been guided in its magical world. We continue for Elounda. Stop for coffee or optional visit to Spinalonga. Following is an acquaintance with Agios Nikolaos.  Paradise for taste. Return to Heraklion, visit the famous Archaeological Museum of the city and free time until boarding the ship to Piraeus.  Arrival early in the morning 06:00 on Tuesday  in Piraeus.



  •   Welcome drink upon arrival at the hotel

  •   Transportation, tours mentioned with  air-conditioned coach

  •   Ferry tickets Piraeus - Chania in airline seats and Heraklion - Piraeus

  •   Stay 3 nights at the luxurious Minos Hotel 4 *    

  •   3 mornings   (a show on Good Friday  in the hotel)

  •   Resurrection dinner

  •   Easter meal, live music with skewered lambs, kokoretsia etc.

  •   Candle for the Resurrection

  •   Leader / escort

  •   Liability insurance

  •   Good Friday, hotel attendant for the epitaph

  •   Holy Saturday,  hotel attendant for the Resurrection procession.

  •   VAT 13%

  •   Wine on Easter day, at will

Not included:  

  • Entrances to places to visit

  • The special accommodation tax 4 € per day each room

  • That is not mentioned in the included or is mentioned as optional / suggested

Cost per person:







370 €

  • Children 1-5 years old Free

  • Children 5-11 years 150 €

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